About Us

My name is Josselin Soltero and I am the CEO and Founder of the Tampa Bay Candle Company.
I founded this company in early 2021 based out of Tampa, Florida. I launched the Tampa Bay Candle Company because let's be real, who doesn't love candles? They can be a part of our everyday life whether it's a Self Care day, after a long day of work, romantic dinner with your significant other or just a regular day when you want your house filled with your favorite fragrance!
I didn't want just any candle though. I wanted to create a cleaner candle than most on the market. I wanted a candle that was made out of plant based wax and fragrances that did not contain such toxic chemicals like phthalate and that were cruelty free. 
Our goal is to enhance your home with high quality products and give YOU the best customer service.
I hope you enjoy our candles!
Josselin Soltero